About Rum Beat

Rum Beat is a unique rum cocktail made from a fine blend of home made spice added to fruit juices and a mixture of Jamaican Rum. The company is owned by Richie and his best friend who is also his wife of 15 years.


The recipe was handed down in Richie’s family line going back a few generations, being the favourite grand child the recipe was handed to him directly by his Grandmother when she got too week to make it herself.  This make him the only person with this special ingredients. This will surely answer all the questions as to why no other Rum Punch can come close to the taste of Rum Beat.


They have work together for the pass 18 years as a Barber and Nail Technician providing their services to the local community and some high profile celebrities at their salon in Moss Side, Manchester UK.  Their latest venture is Rum Beat which they started in 2016. 


Rum Beat has grown rapidly and is now selling in over 300 locations across the UK this includes: off license, bars, clubs, restaurants and on amazon. It’s now a hot topic on social media , large events including Carnival, Festivals and The BBC Good Food Show. Rum Beat has been featured in an award winning movie Intent 2: The Come Up, shown in all major cinemas across the UK now on Netflix and it keep popping up in music videos.


Sales growth so far are mainly a result of customers complimenting its unique and exciting taste on social media this includes celebrities like footballers, singers, reality TV stars posting with Rum Beat on their page.